Rescuing, Rehabilitating & Adopting Homeless Kittens and Cats.


Big, big thank yous to the spay and neuter clinics…

The Southeastern Ontario Spay Neuter Clinic in Trenton

and the Lanark Leeds & Grenville Spay Neuter Clinic in Brockville 

Spay neuter clinic Brockville

Wonderful accommodating and skilled.

A great big Thank You to Dr. Amy Doornekamp and the staff at Millcreek Veterinary Clinic in Odessa. They have been wonderful with our kitties at spay and neuter, and Dr. Amy asked for and got 75 vaccines donated to us from Boehringer Ingelheim and Advantage from Bayer for the hoarding kitties we rescued.

Huge thanks go out to Dr.’s Mark deWolde and Jason Shepherd and also to Dr.’s Sarah Edwards and Lyndsay Clarke and to all the staff at the Upper Canada Veterinary Group:     -Limestone City Animal Hospital
-Kingston West Veterinary Hospital
-Lennox & Addington Animal Hospital
-Bath Village Veterinary Services
-Kingston Napanee Spay Neuter Clinic
Thank you for your support and skill and compassion.

To the awesome doctors and staff at Richmond Veterinary Clinic – we say Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Always helpful and kind – their care was essential to the survival of Misty and Spice, along with all the kitties who were cared for by them.

Many, many thanks to all the super staff at Foster Park Pet Hospital in Belleville. They helped us do all the intakes for The 18 – the hoarding kitties we rescued, and they have done a wonderful job with our kitties at spay and neuter!!

Many, many thanks to the folks from Hannigan Haulage for helping us and our foster homes!!!

To the wonderful doctors and staff at Picton Animal Hospital – many, many thanks for your care of our kittens! We are thrilled to be able to work with you getting our kittens spayed and neutered!

To the wonderful doctors and staff at Gardiners Road Animal Hospital – many, many thanks for your care of our injured boy Chance! We were so happy when you were able to express his bladder for us on four Sundays in a row – until he was finally able to pee on his own!

To Richard and Cathy and all the folks at Paulmac’s Pet Food in Napanee we say Thank you! Thank you for hosting our kitties in the adoption centre. Thank you for hosting us at Adoption Weekends. Thanks for raising critical funds for us with online auctions, the PAWs event and more. Thank you for always being willing to help!

July 11th – presentation of the cheque for  our kittens!!



On July 11th, something wonderful happened! Here is the original post from Facebook from the terrific people we are honoured to work with!

Today, the Upper Canada Veterinary Group credited $15,000 to the Napanee Community Kitten Rescue in an effort to reduce the stress of costs associated with the hard work done by these amazing people. Nancy Clark and Missy Hull are pictured here with Dr. Jason Shepherd and Dr. Mark de Wolde. If any one is interested in helping the rescue, you can make a direct donation, or a deposit to their account held at the Lennox & Addington Animal Hospital. We encourage everyone to support our local community of rescues.

This was a truly wonderful thing!

The vets and staff at Lennox & Addington Animal Hospital, Limestone City Animal Hospital, Bath Village Veterinary Services, Kingston West Veterinary Hospital, and Kingston Napanee Spay Neuter Clinic are great to work with, and have helped us in so many ways!!

Our eternal gratitude to Drs. Mark and Jason and their staff!!

We are so grateful for their contribution to the welfare of our kittens!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Fraser is a very special boy, and a special friend to us at NCKR. He is bright, funny, intelligent, with an open and caring heart.
Fraser and his family are fostering Clementine for us, and when Fraser planned his 10th birthday party, he decided to ask for donations for the kittens, instead of presents.
The family came to see us on the weekend to present us with his donation.
Fraser raised $281.00 at his party, and a big bag of toys and treats for our kitties!! Wow!
Thank you so very, very much!!! We are so happy to know you and your wonderful family!

Everyone here at NCKR got into the spirit – and into the glitter!
Our volunteers snipped, bent, cut, glued – making the decorations for the tree we decorated for this event! (and we are so thrilled and humbled by having it voted most popular tree!)

 We experienced all the spirit of the season at the Lennox & Addington County Museum and Archives 5th annual ‘Christmas Tree’ event in December. We even got to meet Father Christmas and Blitzen!

The trees of all those wonderful organizations who took part were all so beautiful!

The event is over, but there are many more things happening at our wonderful local musueum!
The County Museum and Archives are at 97 Thomas Street East in Napanee.

 For more information, please visit or call 613-354-3027.


July 13th – presentation of the funds raised by the students for  our kittens!!


    One of the Photo Booth pics! Courtesy of Paulhus Photography.


We had such a lot of fun visiting at their Fundraiser for our kittens on the weekend of July 7th!

The Vet Assistant students from St.Lawrence College did a great job putting the event together, and it went really well!! Many thanks to them, and to the folks at PetValu in the Kingston Centre for hosting the event. Many thank you’s to everyone who spun the wheel, got a paw print, bid in the silent auction, had their photo taken, or bought a yummy treat (those vegan lemon scones were my fave)!

And we had an absolute hoot at the Paint 4 Paws event on July 11th at Kelsey’s in Kingston! It was so much fun painting, chatting and seeing how differently everyone saw things, did their colours and the kitty in the picture!!

The silent auction was pretty hot too!!

The students organized both of these events for our kittens!!!

And on the 13th of July, they presented us with the proceeds from all their hard work! Food, toys, supplies and a whopping $1,883.00! Whoo hoo!!! Whoo hoo!!!

Our eternal gratitude to these wonderful students who ended their classroom year, and are now off for a bit, and then move on to their placements!

We are so proud of them. And so grateful for their contribution to the welfare of our kittens!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!


This past weekend was simply wonderful.
We would like to thank at least some of the folks who made it all possible. 
Thanks to the folks at Paulmac’s Pet Food Napanee – some of whom even came in on their days off to help! Richard, Cathy, Misty, Heather.
Thanks to the foster homes, volunteers, drivers, helpers –
Vicki , Yvonne, Trish, Lora, Missy, Lauren, Kelly, Sara, Kris, David, Melia, Sue, Shannon, Stephanie & Kevin, Jackson’s Dine & Dash and the folks at the Treasure Trove.
We could not have asked for better weather or better friends and supporters!!!

Thanks go out to everyone who showed up too! Who visited us, who adopted or applied to adopt or foster, who bought a hot dog or a Paw, entered a raffle, found treasures at the Garage sale, dropped off donations, cuddled kitties, or simply wished us well!!

Many thanks to all of you! 
Head butts, kisses and more from all of our kittens and cats!!!